Where to get my books?

The answer is, all my novels so far (except the Bethlehem history) are available through Annie's Fiction. They are a book club division of Annie's Crafts and offer a number of great cozy mystery series (with more in the works!). You can also buy the books on Amazon once people offer them second-hand.

A Port in the Storm, Martha's Vineyard Mysteries

My first entry in this new series from Guideposts features Priscilla Latham Grant, who inherited a lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard. During a stormy February, Priscilla befriends an elderly neighbor and a young woman seeking her relatives. She helps both with dangerous situations they're facing—and helps them find what they both seek: family and a port in the storm.


Second Edition Death, Secrets of the Castleton Library series

Inspired by Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca, this book is one of my favorites. Mysterious happenings for second wife Ava Winterbourne at the gorgeous mansion, Wintersea.

A Novel Murder, first in the Secrets of the Castleton Manor Library series

This fun new series is set at a book retreat in Cape Cod, in the splendid French Renaissance mansion, Castleton Manor. Faith Newbury has been hired to be the retreat librarian and she and her cat Watson move into the gardener's cottage. Then she learns her predecessor disappeared...

Rigged for Murder, Antique Shop Mysteries

Schooner days bring romance for quilt shop owner Fran Vosburg—until her new beau becomes a suspect in a murder.

Danger in Spades, Antique Shop Mysteries

 Maggie and the historical society plan a gala to honor a Somerset Harbor World War II veteran. Along the way they solve mysteries past and present, including the visit of a German spy to the Maine Coast and the disappearance of a husband and father two decades before.

Deadly Prospect, Antique Shop Mysteries

I loved writing this book, which is set on an island off Maine. Maggie and her friends have the task of cleaning out an old summer cottage while finding missing art and discovering what really happened to an artist who disappeared in the 1920s. My cat Noah made an appearance--and the cover.

Six Feet Undertow, Antique Shop Mysteries

This second outing of mine in this series features a treasure-hunting reality show coming to Somerset Harbor. The ship they want to raise? It belonged to Maggie's ancestor, Thomas Sedgwick, accused of being a spy during the Civil War. Can Maggie find proof to exonerate him and validate his wife Abigail's undying love? And can she find out who killed the reality show host?

Humble Pies and White Lies and Homespun Homicide, Amish Inn Mysteries

These are two entries in a series for Annie's Fiction set in Pleasant Creek, Indiana. The first features a pumpkin pie contest—one entry is poisoned—and the other, the mysterious death of a man on the run from his criminal past.

 A Lethal Journey - October 2016

The last in the Secrets of the Quilt series, A Lethal Journey is set on the Titanic. Screenwriter Aria Greco finds herself on the ill-fated boat while traveling with her actress friend, Daisy. A millionaire courting Daisy is murdered. Then the boat hits an iceberg...

Pieces From the Past - July 2016

First I've written in the Antique Shop Mysteries. In Pieces from the Past, antique shop owner Maggie Watson finds a box of quilt squares related to the disappearance of an heiress in 1898. Set in Somerset Harbor, Maine.

Mist on the Moors - June 2016

Book 8's diary entry details the 1850 exploits of Beatrice Alice Kimble, who travels to Yorkshire to value an art collection. She encounters smugglers and a handsome but mysterious lord, the owner of Blackwell Castle. In present day Vermont, Sofia solves the mysterious disappearance of her best friend's irresponsible but charming brother.

Highland Treachery - late 2015

Book 4 in the Secrets of the Quilt series is set in 1745 Scotland and present day Vermont. Sofia and family travel to a Highland Games to learn more about her Scottish ancestor, herbalist Isabelle Caroline Ripa, who lives in Edinburgh during the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


A Model Mystery - July 2015

A Model Mystery, in the Unraveled series, is set in Texas and features a mystery at a yoga retreat and organic farm.

Castle of Whispers - July 2015

Castle of Whispers is set in 1503 Florence and present day Vermont. After Sofia Parker inherits a quilt from her grandmother, she investigates the story behind each swatch. The first piece is rumored to have been cut from the Mona Lisa's dress. 

Reader praise for Castle of Whispers:

" I loved your descriptions of Italy. You absolutely brought it to life. Beautiful work."

"What a wonderful book. I liked the characters as well as the interesting mystery. If you like cozy mysteries, you will enjoy reading Castle of Whispers."

"This book is absolutely incredible! I fell in love with all of the recurring characters. The book is well written, characters are introduced fabulously and flows nicely! I could hardly bear to put it down." 


Annie's Quilted Mysteries - Stab Stitched - 12/19/14

Stab Stitched, Book 11 in the Quilted Mystery series, is set in Lantern Cove, MA, and features pirates, hidden treasure, and murder. Other writers in the series include Amy Lillard, KD McCrite, Jan Fields, Donna Kelly, and Rachael Phillips. Our plots (and new characters) are original to us, using the series' overarching premise and characters. 

A Deadly Pattern, Annie's Quilted Mysteries, cozy mystery - 8/29/14

Deadly Pattern, set in Sedona, Arizona, and featuring Native American pottery, will be released on 8/29/14. This is the 7th book in the Annie's Quilted Mystery series. Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace, owners of a quilt restoration business in Mystic Harbor, MA, are the main characters. Available from Annie's Publishing book club. These books are fun to read...and write!


Deadly Garland, Creative Woman Series, cozy mystery - 2/7/14

Deadly Garland, featuring an Oregon tree farm, will be published on 2/7/14. This is the last book in the Creative Woman series and is set at Christmas time. Shannon McClain, Scottish owner of a craft market, is the main character. Available from Annie's Publishing book club. Published under pen name.

Blame it on the Aliens, Live Free or Sci-Fi - October 2013

Short story published in this edition of the NH Pulp Fiction series. 

Last Summer in Eden - YA Romance

A singer raised in a resort town much choose between a bigoted patron's plum scholarship or the Jewish boy she loves.

For 25 years, I lived in an old mountain resort town, Bethlehem, NH. This place used to have over 30 hotels, golf courses, swimming pools, recreation venues and a jammin' social scene.
I sometimes walked the quiet streets at night, picturing myself back in the heyday--say 1929.

I'm standing in front of the Sinclair, a giant 4-story hotel that filled a city block. Inside, a jazz band is wailing away. A flapper and a lounge lizard slip out to the wide porch for a cigarette and a swig from a flask. They stand close together by the rail, shoulders touching as they flirt and laugh.

Below them, late night walkers throng the sidewalks. A surprisingly diverse crowd. Flashy, well-dressed Cubans. Proper Episcopalians in black tie and evening dress. Clusters of young men and women cruising the street, vying to see and be seen. And, strolling quietly, careful not to attract attention, an Orthodox Jewish family.

In the 1920s, this fashionable resort began a shift to a new, non-Christian clientele. Eventually Bethlehem became a Jewish resort, which in fact saved the town during the Depression and World War II. But it is an ugly secret that anti-Semitism was rife in New England hotels and vacation areas--not just in Bethlehem. It was never overt, but old ads that state "Christian clientele" and "select clientele" are code for "no Jews welcome."

I remember the first time I realized what I was seeing in that quaint old tourist rag. My paradise had a serious and despicable flaw. I also had the benefit of knowing the outcome for Bethlehem. That moment when old and new met, at the height of the Jazz Age and just before the jarring 1929 crash, fascinated me.

Perfect Enemies - YA mystery

A filmmaker blames herself for a rising star’s death. Now she’s the target of a killer—one of her A-list friends.

Perfect Enemies, set at Hollywood Arts Academy, features budding filmmaker Ivy Adams. This book can stand alone but I envision a series following Ivy's project and relationships.

Canvas & Corset Mystery Series 

In coastal 1894 Maine, an artist is drawn into solving the murder of her wealthy fiance--and exposing the real identity of the woman claiming to be his wife.

Artist and minister’s daughter Emily Fletcher is devastated when she discovers her fiancĂ© shot dead on the cliffs above coastal village Camden, Maine. Although she didn’t quite love the much older and wealthy Captain Isaac Coatsworth, she cared for him and shared his interest in fine art and travel.

To complicate matters, a woman claiming to be Isaac’s wife—and the deceased mother of Emily’s good friend Abigail—shows up to claim the estate. The notion that Isaac was a deliberate bigamist-to-be causes a great scandal, especially with the deacons of Reverend Fletcher’s church, who want to fire him. As for Emily, she can’t believe Isaac lied to her. After Abigail covertly proves the woman isn’t her mother, they work together to find out who she really is and who killed Isaac.

Suspects abound, including Charles Bartlett, an intriguing art agent and painter who wanted to buy Isaac’s Rembrandt. When the painting is stolen and the suspected thief murdered, Emily realizes events are escalating and Abigail is in danger. She also finds herself falling for Charles—and the notion she should join his circle of traveling artists. Can she trust him—and will she find the killer or killers in time?

DEATH ON THE CLIFFS is the first in a proposed series. In the late 1800s, half of American professional artists were women. The CANVAS & CORSET series will follow Emily and Charles to bohemian artists' colonies around the world, where they solve murders among the elite. The second book, Death at the Villa, is set in Florence, Italy.

Bethlehem, NH - a local history

In 2000, my first book was published, a nonfiction pictorial history of the White Mountains resort, Bethlehem, NH. 100 years ago, Bethlehem had 30 hotels and thousands of summer visitors who enjoyed social events and outdoor recreation. Remaining today are dozens of unique, architecturally interesting buildings and a funky, eclectic culture.

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Love the White Mountains. Hiked Mt Washington twice in my teens, camped at Dolly Copp campground. We called it Dolly Flop has the weather could be pretty tricky. It snowed on us once in late August.

See you've done one of those books. I'll have to look up Bethlehem. I've written for in WA State.