Last year I applied to become an intern at Entangled Publishing and was taken on. Why not spend some free time reading slush--since I love to read. Better yet--it was IGNITE, the suspense imprint, perfect for me since I love mysteries. I really enjoy a variety of voices and styles, from cozy to Gothic.

A few months later, the wonderful Terese Ramin took me as an assistant. My first edited book, Down Among the Dead Men, by Claire Baxter releases in July. On some forthcoming titles, I'm associate editor, which means I do the first two passes instead of just the first (assistant). I will also work more closely with those books as they wind through the publication process.

The best part is finding and recommending great books to be published. I love that.

Books I worked on include:
Down Among the Dead Men, by Claire Baxter
Ruby Over the Rainbow, by Samantha Bohrman
Portrait of a Girl, by Luanna Nau
Lost in Tennessee, by Anita DeVito
Recipe for Murder, by Dyann Barr

Update: As of July 9, 2014, I am no longer working with Entangled and will be looking for other opportunities to shepherd great books into print--once I've fulfilled my book contracts. 

Photo by Matt Hampel.

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