Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cupcakes for Breakfast

I'm busier than ever in several capacities to do with fiction. And loving every minute of it.

I just finished writing my second cozy for Annie's Quilted Mysteries. Next up, a round of edits before submission.

With that deadline soon to be met, I am now working on the book of my heart, my 1929 YA. I'm rewriting it as a romance called Last Summer in Eden.

I read all my #PitchWars submissions and returned notes. They will present their pitches and excerpts during the agent round January 22-24. These books are GOOD! Look for:

Heidi Timmons, Wishing Glass, a sweet magical realism romance that draws from A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life. Heidi is an attorney.

Emma Sloley, The Wanters, a gorgeously written woman's fiction featuring a down-and-out filmmaker. Emma has edited and written for many magazines, including Harper's Bazaar, Australia.

Densie Webb, You'll Be Thinking of Me, a romantic suspense featuring a hot movie star and musician who falls in love with a "normal" girl. Yum. Densie has written seven nonfiction books.

Heidi pointed out something--all three of my picks have something to do with film. Her main character is an actress. This was not a conscious factor in deciding, swear.

For Entangled, I'm doing first-pass edits on submissions and also reviewing a couple of referrals I made. What fun to find books and have the ability to perhaps get them published.

Doing this work--writing, critiquing, and editing--is like have cupcakes for breakfast!


Heidi Timmons said...

You are so sweet! *Blushes* I love how all 3 of us are women's fiction / romance with movie elements. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful mentor! Can't wait to read your books. Heidi

Liz Penney said...

That's a good point - wonder if it was subconscious, LOL!

Qing Cai said...
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