Sunday, May 25, 2014

Book and Story News!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've gotten exciting news related to my fiction. First, my Gothic short story, The Roadhouse, was accepted for the next print edition of the NH Pulp Fiction series.

Set in 1883 Franconia Notch, The Roadhouse features an iconic Concord stagecoach, as will all the stories in this edition.

Some of my favorite books are those I call past/present, where there are two juicy stories that intertwine. I'm going to be writing one called Whispers of Florence for the new Annie's Fiction historical series. Whispers has two of my favorite settings: Vermont and Florence, Italy. Lots of art, fashion, yummy food, and, of course, murder and mystery. The main character in Vermont is of Italian descent, as am I. My ancestors came from Barga, Italy, near Florence. Note: I am also going to write book 4 in this series, tentatively set in Scotland 1745, and book 8, set in on the Yorkshire Moors.

I'm also going to write a book for another Annie's present-day series, not announced yet. I'm excited and grateful for these opportunities! The road to publishing in fiction is often a long one.  It has been for me.

PS that's my 1931 thesaurus above. I adore using a Roget's right for whatever period I'm writing in.

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