Wednesday, October 29, 2008 unexpected gift

When Dan and I fell in love, I was happy enough to find someone compatible and loving. He is intelligent, funny, compassionate and talented. I would be happy with him even if we both worked at Wal-mart (and we may unless we get some consulting or writing gigs going, ahem). 
But we had the idea for our first screenplay, Poplar Hill, and one day sat down to write. Together. I never dreamed such a thing could or would happen to me (my ex wouldn't even read my writing, sad to say).

I am the scribe--I have a lot more experience with structure. Together we brainstorm characters, plot, scenes, etc.  Dan is incredibly witty and articulate. He can come up with a comedy riff on  a topic within seconds. He often pushes me past the obvious, in plot and dialogue.

I'll never forget how we created our second screenplay, F.A.R.T.  The Enforcers. It's a zany action  comedy about--you guessed it. Somehow in the middle of the night--my daughter was having a college graduation party so we were awake--we came up with the idea of the Federal Anal Retentive Taskforce. And a rival group--PUCKER (People United Concerning Emancipating Rectums. The K is silent). Global warming and a government--pharmaceutical company conspiracy are plot elements.  Pretty "sophomoric" you might think for a couple of middle-aged adults, but we laughed our a**** off. And so does everyone who reads it, or even hears about it. 

But what was special was the sparking of ideas between us. We often do that: think along the same lines with plot development. Our latest screenplay, Up the Tracks, is based on adventures of Dan's youth. What is strange is that I sometimes come up with character insights that correspond to what did happen. And I wasn't there. 

The whole thing is a mystery to me. I feel it's rare to find a writing partner--and even rarer to be married to one. I consider it a gift and a blessing. 

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