Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The great agent hunt-or talking your way through doors...

Well, after almost two months of moving-moving-moving, we were able to devote some time yesterday to finding an agent. Our hope is to sell a couple of screenplays so we can work on producing Poplar Hill and Merseybeat to Music Row, a bio-documentary featuring legendary producer Chris Huston. He used to be Dan's producer and sound engineer back in the day in L.A.

We dug out the file--fortunately I hadn't packed that one in a box (we have about 20 boxes left to unpack--ugh), and Dan got to work. One agent has had two of our pieces for months. He made a call to the always cordial assistant, was told to call back and then when he did, they were out to lunch. Ah, the time zone dance. Just when you get ready to call, it's lunch time in L.A.

Another agent was receptive--she called right back after Dan left a message--but said she was too busy to take on anything new, although she thought our projects were "terrific." She is interested in our almost-finished newest one, though. Up the Tracks is more action and drama than comedy, so maybe it will be to her taste.

We've been working on this for a while, sporadically. Dan is great at "talking his way" through doors. He builds a rapport and most people ask to see our stuff. We've gotten some good feedback but we haven't found that "special person." Gosh, it's almost like dating.

We lucked out early and found a good entertainment attorney. We work well with him--and consider him a friend. Ideally an agent would also be a friend, become the third leg of the stool, so to speak. 

Like Dan says, the "easy" part is writing--the hard part is the business end. Who knows what the outcome will be. But if we don't try...

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